Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Twenty-Nine Months Old

Miss Pearl is another month older! Another season has drawn to a close, and I have wistfully packed away another batch of outgrown clothes. When did she get so big?

She is so smart and funny and sweet. She is counting for real now - not always 100% correctly, but we can tell she's associating the numbers with the actual amount of things. She'll empty the contents of the coffee table drawer and say, "Four brushes, and one card!"

Dominos with Daddy

Her pronoun usage is improving in that she now usually replies with "I" when addressed as "you" rather than just responding to the pronoun in kind. It's amazing, how she just picks it all up. It's a complex thing to learn though and she's still working on it - one day she crawled into the space between my legs where I was standing and said, "Mama is a house!" As I was somewhat surprised at being proclaimed thus, I didn't play along but said, "No I'm not!" to which Pearl replied, matter-of-factly, "Yes, she is."

She says all manner of amusing thing... a favorite of mine this month has been hearing her say, "My face is grumpy!" after meals (having heard me tell her that her face is grubby many a time!).

And when sitting at a stoplight I pointed out a fire engine across the way, she regarded it a moment before solemnly declaring, "It's beautiful!" And it was, really, all bright and sparkling in the clear October sunshine. She loves seeing trains and bulldozers and airplanes and fire engines and especially buses.

Peeking out the Castle Window

One afternoon our little family of three was at the park and Pearl was walking between her daddy and I, holding our hands and was saying that she was holding mama's hand and daddy's hand and I told her that we were all holding hands together. Then she brought her hands together so that ours were together, too! It was a sweet moment.

It's been a rough month in that it's been just one affliction after another... new top molar, a cold, a relapse, more teething, high fevers... We're all pretty worn out and out of sorts.

Even with all that unpleasantness, pottying is still going extremely well! She's progressed to saying that she needs to go, she's even doing well at pulling her pants up and down, which for some reason seems to me like a very cute, grown-up sort of thing for her to be doing!

She is certainly getting big.

In the Bamboo Patch

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Anonymous gearhead mama said...

She sounds like such a sweetie. I love the light you get from that window ... beautiful pictures as always. I was laughing about the grumpy face!

3:25 PM  

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