Tuesday, June 28, 2005

One Month Old

Pearl was born a month ago today. I can hardly believe it. All the feedings and diaper changes and minutes spent babygazing just make the time fly by.

She's doing great. I weighed her at my sister's house yesterday, and she is approximately 10.5 lb. - up about three from her birth weight! I knew she was getting quite hefty but to see it displayed quanitatively like that was somewhat of a shock. I measured her length (height?) today and she is about 22 inches (hard to get those newborn legs to straighten out properly!) so she's just grown an inch in that direction, but growing she is. Her eyes have lightened around the pupil recently and are really pretty. Her long fingers and toes and her rosy skin always get comments from strangers.

She is such a darling little baby. I love her so much, her chubby little arms and legs, her toes that are shaped just like mine, her little ears that stick out a bit at the top and have the most unique shape, the swirl of hair on the top of her head, how her hair sticks straight up after a bath, the eager and alert look on her face when she wakes up hungry and is looking for the breast, the laughs and sad, scared coos she makes as she dreams, the way her face scrunches up when she cries looking as she did just minutes after birth... I could go on and on and on and on.

She is spending more short periods of time awake, as well as a few longer stretches a day. The past few days it has been harder to get her to go to sleep when we get to bed, but once she's down she still sleeps through the night, waking a few times to eat. She is eating a whole lot these days! I don't know just how often but I have definitely noticed an increase in the past few days - which is good as I have had a clogged duct. Very painful, not fun. I had a fever and felt like crap over the weekend but I am doing better now. She goes through a ton of diapers a day - we generally do diaper laundry every other day at my mother-in-law's house, so Pearl is getting plenty of grandma and grandpa time. Her fussy time has changed. It used to start every day at around 8:15pm and last an hour or two; now it starts earlier, lasts longer, but is less intense. Bouncing in her bouncy seat and walking around outside are the two things that soothe her best at these times. I haven't yet tried bathing her at that time yet, but that is something she seems to enjoy - she'd graduated from getting a sponge bath on a towel to sitting in a little bath chair and me spraying her with the shower hose thing. She appears to like the water running over her. Which is good, as being a baby is a messy business.

Here you can see her freshly washed hair sticking straight up:

And here is the swirl of hair atop her head:

And one of her in the hospital, just an hour or so old - look at the outline of her ear. It reminds me of a butterfly wing:


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