Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sooooooooo Cute

Pearl was looking so sweet after her last meal I just had to take some pictures. I just want to explode sometimes; she's that cute. Her little smiles are the best but I haven't yet managed to capture one of those with the camera.

She makes some very funny faces sometimes too, my husband and I just laugh and laugh. If she's this entertaining at a stage where she does little but eat and sleep, I can only imagine how fun she'll be as she grows.

Today I have gotten soooo much done, too! As opposed to all those days in the past three weeks when I've gotten hardly anything done. Laundry folded and put away, dishes done, meal plan and grocery list made, table wiped down, writing desk organized, diapers folded and put away, etc, etc. Part of this was done with Pearl in the sling (that thing is a godsend when I can get her in it properly... which at the moment is about 50% of the time. Those other times, I want to stomp the damn thing into the ground) and part of it was done while she took an extraordinarily long nap. Oh, and besides all that housework, I also got a SHOWER. It's amazing. What a great day.


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