Thursday, September 22, 2005

Such a Good Baby

Yesterday was my brother-in-law Geoff's birthday. We headed across the yard to my in-laws' house for the cake and gift-giving. Pearl was a good little baby, quietly taking it all in with the most intent look on her face. She even let my mother-in-law hold her for a good while before she wanted me again.

After that Geoff and his girlfriend invited us over to her apartment to watch the premiere of Lost. I was a bit wary about taking Pearl somewhere so late in the evening but she offered her bedroom for us to retire to if Pearl got upset, so we grabbed all of the possibly needed baby gear and headed out.

It was a perfectly timed expedition. Pearl slept on the car ride there, ate when we arrived, and played in my lap happily until the last commercial break. She was pronounced very cute by a couple of Geoff's friends whom I hadn't seen in a long while. Me and Mr. Peach and Geoff all used to live together in an apartment so I used to see a whole lot of them!

I tried to feed her when she first got fussy but she wanted none of it, so when the show was over we headed home... to the soundtrack of Pearl wailing. We pulled over and then she ate, so I figured that was all she wanted, but nope. The crying continued once we were on the road again, the poor little thing. It wasn't just fussing, it was loud, raw-sounding screams. When I hear those screams I immediately think, "Uh-oh, what did I eat?" I was worried that one of the two cakes I had eaten had milk in them, I hadn't even thought to ask, but I think she was just tired and overwhelmed, as when we pulled over a second time she was fine - though very obviously exhausted - in my arms, but started crying again as soon as I set her back in her carseat. I cannot bear to hear her cry like that, but what can you do? We had to get home, and I much prefer a screaming baby to one injured in a car accident, so back into the carseat she went. Poor baby. She stopped crying a few times, but then was glurpy and would start back up again. Her reflux has been pretty bad the last few days.

Once we got home and got settled in bed she was fine. That was our first purely social visit away from home in the evening and she was so easygoing throughout it; I feel bad that she had to suffer the ride home like that.


Blogger sarahgrace said...

Hi, I don't know if I've ever introduced myself, but I know I've left a comment before. I've been reading for a little while now...but anyways...
Don't you just hate that you can't hold your little one in your arms till you get home. And don't you wonder how all the people before us survived without the carseats?

10:28 PM  
Blogger fuzzypeach said...

Hi Sarahgrace, yes I hate it... it's awful... but neccessary:\

5:29 AM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

Oh man that sounds like our car rides, we'd stop and feed him, he'd be fine until the second he went back into the seat. I never thought to associate it w/a food intolerance. Maybe that would explain why he's been better in the car, I thought it was the white noise.

I wish someone would come up w/a sling/carrier that is just as safe as a carseat b/c there would probably never be a miserable car ride again. Unfortunately I don't think that will ever happen!

11:49 AM  

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