Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oatios with the Daddio

Pearl loves her oatios! It's so cute seeing her eat them. Usually the pincher grasp works for her but sometimes one ends up in her palm and she shoves her whole hand in her mouth trying to get it in.

I did indeed eat the leftover pizza and Pearl did not have any reflux! That is wonderful but she is snotty and stuffy again. I am really starting to feel that it is because of the dairy but it's hard to say so with certainty due it being cold season, teething, etc. I'm going to hold off on the dairy until cold season is over at least and then try again, try to figure it out for sure. I'm glad it no longer causes her pain but it's still heartbreaking to see her try to nurse with a stopped up nose, stopping and gasping for breath every few sucks, having to let the milk run out of her poor little mouth.

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Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

I'm hoping it's just a cold like you said. Still very sad but at least that will go away. Hope you both feel better!

I've really been wanting to give Cricket a cheerio type cereal but I need to get back to basics w/the solids. They all seem to make him spit up especially the oatmeal I gave him. Sigh. Might be rice cereal for us.

Great pics, love all the green!!

7:41 AM  

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