Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Eighteen Months Old

This month has been the month of talking! Pearl has learned a ton of new words. Along with plain old vocabulary, she's got some more abstract verbal concepts down and is forming her words into sentences. I can hold a mini-conversation with her, so long is the subject is about her needs and wants! She'll say "No more milkies." or "Want more pictures." and will answer me yes and no about things - though no is by far her favorite answer! We've been hearing it a lot around here.

The new words/phrases I've managed to remember this month:

Monkey (and "ooo ooo ahhh ahhh")
Uh huh (with a big nod!)
Tweet Tweet
It's not..
Octopus ("Ockpahs!")
Elephant ("Efffant"
I don't know

Note the inclusion of peepee and poop in the above list! She is able to verbalize about elimination now before, during, and after the act, and this has really boosted our success with pottying. In fact for the first time on Thanksgiving Day she said, "Peepee!" and sat down on the potty, then peed! I did have to turn her around though, as she sat on it sideways, but I bet she would have peed on it anyhow. So that was exciting.

With the addition of No to her lexicon, she is definitely feeling empowered and asserting her will. The fit-throwing is as yet at a minimum, generally only happening when she is tired or hungry. Otherwise she goes along willingly with my countering "Yes." She has had a few meltdowns, like when I didn't let her watch her beloved kitty video for the sixteenth time in a row...

She has gotten around to being fascinated by telephones, and anything handy becomes one as she holds it up to her ear and says, "Hello?": the cat's tail, a thermometer, her shoe... it's funny and terribly cute.

Pearl loves her same-aged cousin so much! Whenever they get together she follows her around faithfully, which is simply adorable but would work out better if her cousin didn't have such a penchant for getting into trouble!

K and E

For the past few days she has been sleeping until 8:3o or 9:00! 9:00!!! I don't know why - the later dawn, the curtains we hung finally having an effect, Daddy not getting up so early, her eleventh tooth popping through, who knows, who cares! We're sleeping in past sunrise! It's awesome, after weeks of rough sleep. Napping isn't going quite so smoothly, but ah well.


Pearl is at an age where she wants to mimic doing everything we do, and as such she likes to hang out with me while I do chores and help with them. She hands me clothespins when we hang laundry, and clothes hangers as we put it away. She's very interested in the dishwasher as well and loves to hand me stuff from it and toss stuff into the top rack. Toting the silverware basket around the kitchen is a favorite activity, as is putting my purse around her neck and taking it off again. The day after her father rearranged the living room, I saw her leaning against the sofa trying to push it, grunting.

One day as her Daddy was leaving for work, I looked away after giving him a goodbye kiss to see her standing next to me where I sat, eyes closed, head leaned back, lips puckered up, all ready for her kiss. It was very sweet.

Entranced by Trees

I am really loving this age. Pearl is at a point where she is very expressive physically/verbally, but is not yet much inhibited by what the world thinks she should or should not do: she seems so very much herself. It is wonderful.

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Blogger you da mom! said...

that is very, very sweet.

3:14 PM  
Blogger merseydotes said...

The picture of Pearl sleeping is *beautiful*.

And who knew Pearl was the same age as Archer?

8:14 AM  
Anonymous sarahgrace said...

That is so great that the elimination is going better...maybe those are some words I need to teach Beau, he's definitely interested in the potty- so might as well start before the third one comes.

Pictures are gorgeous, as usual. : )

9:39 AM  
Blogger doow said...

I do so enjoy seeing Pearl's development through your monthly updates. And the light and tones of the photo of Pearl with her cousin are just wonderful!

12:44 PM  
Blogger christina said...

The photographs you've been taking lately are AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. That black & white one--so perfect. To be framed for sure. And the light in some of your pics--how do you do it?

Also, in honor of nanoblopomo, I'm tagging you. Spill. Five things you've never told about your self.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Colorsonmymind said...

Oh I agree your photos are fabulous. I have a 21 month old son and I had to nod to so many of this beautiful things your daughter is doing. I too find this age to be delightful.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous gearhead mama said...

Love the picture of Pearl with her cousin, and sleeping on the bed. I miss the days of co-sleeping and getting to see my daughter sleep. I don't miss the me-not-sleeping part though.

So many words -- that must be a ton of fun. And progress on the potty ... very encouraging.

My 16 month old has the phone obsession too. And says "no" constantly, but not in context. She just likes the sound of the word, I guess.

Sleeping until 9:00. Heaven.

7:24 PM  

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