Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This is Not a Valentine

~* More letters this week at Mama Says Om *~

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Blogger Scott said...

That was absolutely beautiful. Also, possibly the most heartfelt thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you my magnificent wife. I love you very much.

ps. I am totally crying my eyes out in the library right now.

11:54 AM  
Blogger Elaine said...


2:41 PM  
Blogger Love Squalor said...

i'm such a sucker for love, and this nearly brought me to tears. a beautiful letter/video, and a beautiful couple. happy valentine's to your gorgeous family today!

5:13 PM  
Blogger erika_deanne said...

breathtaking! Seriously that rocked! What an awesome gift you created for your dh!

7:26 PM  
Blogger pangolin said...

Wow. you got me too.
(thanks for sharing)

2:25 AM  
Blogger doow said...

What a wonderful present. Happy birthday, Scott!

6:08 AM  
Anonymous Daph said...

That was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Birthday to your hubby!

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

OMG, I wish you were MY wife! What a sweet family you are!

Happy 30th Mr. Peach!

9:02 PM  
Blogger Mandy said...

That was so sweet. You're such a cute family!

9:41 AM  
Anonymous KB said...

Just beautiful!!!

8:03 PM  
Anonymous sarahgrace said...

Aaaw! How sweet and beautiful...esp. with the comment from your hubby up top too!

10:04 PM  
Blogger Tara Marie said...

That was such a beautiful love letter....thank you for sharing it and allowing me to celebrate both your husbands 30th and the love you share as a couple and a family.

Many blessings,

Peace and love, Tara Marie [from Mama Says Om]

10:19 PM  
Blogger Teri said...

omg...this had me in tears. then i pulled myself together, but then i read your hubby's comment and started again. so, so sweet.

10:50 AM  

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