Thursday, July 06, 2006

An Afternoon at the Lake

Yesterday I went to the dentist and got a cavity filled. It wasn't very fun but it was a lot better than even thinking about the two root canals I learned that I need last week.

Anyway, my husband took the afternoon off to watch Pearl while I went to the dentist and afterwards we took a trip to a nearby lake. It was a lovely day, hot enough to swim but cool and breezy enough to be pleasant in the shade. We spread a sheet out and brought snacks and water and I slathered myself and Pearl up with sunscreen and took her for her first swim while my husband manned the camera. Click the picture below for more photos, the first few were taken by me but the rest are all him:

Going In!

Pearl had a blast, splashing and wading. In the shallowest water she'd sit and leg her toes float to the top. In the deeper water where she couldn't touch, she alternated between seeming like she wanted to let go and swim away, and trying to climb on top of my head. She inhaled and swallowed a lot of lake water, there was much spluttering and coughing as she experimented. She seemed pretty pleased with the fact that there was so much water and she did a lot of licking the lake's surface.

I enjoyed swimming too. I handed Pearl off to Mr. Peach a few times and floated on my back. I'd forgotten how nice that is, hearing only my own pulse and whatever sound the water carries, rocking gently on tiny waves, feeling the sunlight warm on my face and seeing it red through my closed eyes. I love to swim. I guess that was the first time I've gone since I was pregnant, in Cozumel.

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Blogger Lauren said...

You both look like you enjoyed the swim. She is oh-so-cute! And daddy is a great photographer.

5:18 PM  

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