Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Almost Time to Move

This is our last week here at the little half-house and I am both excited to be moving into the new house and sad to be leaving this place behind. In the four years since I left my parents' home I've lived in six different places and I've been glad to turn my back on most of them... except the peaceful, lovely apartment where Pearl was conceived that I still kind of miss; the cottage on the farm where I spent quiet days alone as my belly grew rounder and rounder, waiting to meet my baby - her first home, where we spent a blur of days feeding and sleeping and napping and where we walked around with her outside every evening; and now we're leaving the place where she first crawled and took her first steps and said her first words and fell off the bed for the first time.. So I am sad to leave, even sad to move into the new place because I know we won't be there forever, either.

Yes, I am the sentimental sort.

Anyways, this might be the last day we have internet access here, so I'll be away for a while, getting packed up and moved and settled in and what not. So I will bid you farewell for now with some birthday pictures:

Birthday Girls Meet & Greet

A Big Present from Grandma!

At the Window

... Which She Promptly Crashed!

More on flickr as usual.

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Blogger sarahgrace said...

Well, happy moving!

We shall miss you and the cute little miss Pearl while you're unpacking and, decorating, and so on.

12:13 AM  

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