Saturday, May 13, 2006

Better Late Than Never, Right?

Sarahgrace and Mama C-ta tagged me for these here two list thingies respectively, a looooooong time ago and I've finally finished them! However it took so much effort that I no longer have the energy to pass them along so feel free to imagine that I am tagging you personally, dear reader, and complete them if you will.

A lot of things about me:

I am
- twenty-two!
I want - jeans that fit well. My own forest, with a big stream in it. A never-ending supply of chocolate.
I wish - I could make friends more easily.
I hate - feeling self-conscious all the time.
I miss - having a thousand open doors in front of me.
I hear - the sound of the fan through the baby monitor: white noise to mask the noise I make while she sleeps.
I wonder - what my daughter will look like when she's grown, where her path will take her. How it happened that my cleaning accessories are all neon green.
I regret - always having felt older than my age.
I am not - good at speaking my feelings aloud.
I dance - when neccessary or with a baby in my arms.
I sing - lullabies, made up silly songs for my girl, whatever is stuck in my head.
I cry - over nothing at all, over times gone, more often (these days) with such joy...
I am not always - pleasant to be around.
I make with my hands - meals for my family, piles of dirty laundry, stacks of clean diapers
I write - lists, plans, phone numbers. Memories to keep, moments to share.
I confuse - important things with things not so important.
I need - to call the dentist again :(
I should - bake more, write more, paint more.
I start - chores, projects, lots of things that are never finished.
I finish - my dinner! Often my husband's too.
I need to tag - anyone willing to play:)

Six Weird Facts/Things/Habits about Me:

When I was a child I hated mushy cereal - probably because as a young child I couldn't tolerate milk and therefore ate my cereal dry and then once my body could handle milk, the mushyness was just revolting. So! I'd pour my milk into a bowl, put sugar into the milk if it was an unsweetened cereal (ugh I can't believe I did that! The thought seems gross now.), and pour cereal into a large cup. I'd dump the cereal (Cheerios, usually) into the bowl a bit at a time, refilling once I'd eaten what was in there. My favorite cup to use for this purpose was a big insulated mug-type cup that my dad had picked up somewhere with a scantily clad blonde holding a big drill. Not because if featured a scantily clad blonde, because I ALWAYS read while I ate and didn't do much blonde-gazing.

What a weirdo I was! Somewhere along the way I outgrew all that rigamarole and now eat my cereal like a normal person. Kids are so bizarre.

I can whistle through my tongue.

I can't go to church without getting a serious case of the giggles, very irreverent giggles, which is why I don't go. That and the fact that I'm not religious.

I have two freckles on my right pinky toe.

I do not shave my armpits.

I HATE to be cold. Hate it.

Whew! That was intense.

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Blogger sarahgrace said...

Nice lists! Bummer that you have to call the dentist again
: ( I Feel your pain.

6:47 PM  
Blogger pretendingsanity said...

happy mothers day!

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

Dentist again? Thanks for playing, I knew you were weird ;)

6:05 PM  

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