Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spring Things

On Sunday we went for a little hike at a nearby state park. Nothing horribly exciting, but it was nice to be out in the warm sunshine and wonderful to take in the green leaves and new life that has exploded all over the hills and throughout the woods.


View from Yellow Rock

Daddy & Lainie in the Woods

On Saturday I took Pearl to her first Farmer's Market. I didn't make it there a single time last year as I was on bedrest, then living outside of town with a new baby, but the year before we lived quite near the square and I would frequently walk up the hill and buy some fresh vegetables or some inexpensive flowers, or just look around. I love this town and going to the Farmer's Market always reminds me of that because it showcases its spirit so well: the older folks with their produce, the younger vendors selling organically grown food and loads of cut flowers, artists displaying paintings and pottery and crafters with baskets woven of pine needles and knitted hats, the college student playing guitar with a hat set on the ground for donations, the NORML fanatic with his long beard and conspiracy theories.

This time I came back with some beautiful fresh asparagus, my most favorite of vegetables, young and tender and crisp - I sauteed one bunch up right away for breakfast with some olive oil and lemon juice; delcious:


And a spring bouquet, complete with a bee:

Bouquet from the Farmer's Market, Complete with Bee

And the tray on the left, to go with the tray on the right which I purchased two years ago and have enjoyed immensely since:


Final Spring Thing: Last Thursday I cut off all my hair. I'm still not sure as to whether I love it or not. I think I do. It's pretty cute and it definitely feels better but I kind of miss my long hair.

New Hairdo!

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Blogger sarahgrace said...

The flowers and the pottery are beautiful! And I love asparagus myself. I hope to get down to my town's Farmers Market more this year. They are just a fun and unique experience.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

Oh yeah I'm liking the hair a lot! And that picture of Pearl peeking over her daddy's shoulder. We have several Farmer's markets around here but none within walking distance. I think you've just inspired me to go. Pretty flowers but I would have to ditch them and their little stinging friend!

5:09 AM  
Blogger christina said...

It's GORGEOUS short!

5:30 PM  

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